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Yahoo Inc Segments

United States
   78.19 % of total Revenue
   21.81 % of total Revenue
Company operated sites
   41.57 % of total Revenue
Affiliate sites
   41.5 % of total Revenue
Marketing services
   83.06 % of total Revenue
Fees & listings
   16.94 % of total Revenue

Business Segments (Sep. 30, 2015)
(in millions $)
III. Quarter
(of total Revenues)
(Sep. 30, 2015)
(in millions $)
III. Quarter
(Profit Margin)
United States
958.39 78.19 % 0.00 -
267.28 21.81 % 0.00 -
Company operated sites
509.48 41.57 % 0.00 -
Affiliate sites
508.62 41.5 % 0.00 -
Marketing services
1,018.10 83.06 % 0.00 -
Fees & listings
207.58 16.94 % 0.00 -
1,225.67 100 % 0.00 -

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Growth rates by Segment (Sep. 30, 2015)
Y/Y Revenue
III. Quarter
Q/Q Revenue
(Sep. 30, 2015)
Y/Y Income
III. Quarter
Q/Q Income
United States
9.74 % -3.41 % - -
-2.75 % 6.46 % - -
Company operated sites
12.63 % -2.24 % - -
Affiliate sites
13.79 % 1.65 % - -
Marketing services
13.21 % -0.33 % - -
Fees & listings
-16.57 % -6.4 % - -
6.75 % -1.41 % - -

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  Yahoo Inc's

Business Segments Description

Search and Marketplace

Our Search and Marketplace properties focus on being the starting point for consumers and businesses looking for information and looking to purchase products and services. The properties include the following:

• Search – Yahoo! Search;

• Local – including Yahoo! Yellow Pages, Yahoo! Maps, Yahoo! City Guides and Yahoo! Real Estate;

• Autos – Yahoo! Autos;

• Shopping/Auctions – including Yahoo! Shopping and Yahoo! Auctions;

• Travel – Yahoo! Travel;

• Careers – Yahoo! HotJobs; and

• Small Business – including Yahoo! Merchant Solutions, Yahoo! Web Hosting, Yahoo! Business Mail and Yahoo! Domains.


Yahoo! Search offers users a highly relevant, comprehensive, fast and easy-to-use search experience on the Internet. Our search properties are a gateway to the properties and services within the Yahoo! network. Using complex search engine algorithms, Yahoo! Search provides users with free Web-wide search results prioritized based on relevance. Our Yahoo! Search also offers a hierarchical, subject-based directory of Websites. Users can access directory listings by browsing through subject matter or using the keyword search function.

We generate revenue primarily by providing enhanced placement of our customers' Websites in our search results. Additionally, we generate revenue through our paid inclusion service, which guarantees that our customers' Websites are included in the Web search index, and through fees generated from customers who use our Web search services and incorporate the search results we provide into their online offerings to end users.


Yahoo! Local is comprised of four comprehensive offerings of local information, available free to users – Yahoo! Yellow Pages, Yahoo! Maps, Yahoo! City Guides, and Yahoo! Real Estate. Yahoo! Yellow Pages enables users to connect to local and national merchants in the United States. Yahoo! Yellow Page business listings can be displayed by proximity to the user's location. Businesses can pay to have their listings placed in the Sponsored Business section above regular non-paid listings. Yahoo! Maps provides interactive maps with zooming and other capabilities and integrated driving directions. Yahoo! City Guides offers information on local arts and entertainment news and events. Yahoo! Real Estate offers free services to our users including: information for prospective home buyers and sellers; the ability to search for listed properties based on geography, price and features; moving-related content and services; information about finding a real estate agent, researching neighborhoods, financing and insurance, and home improvement ideas; and assistance in locating rentals and roommates. Users can also pay to list a property.


Yahoo! Autos offers information about buying, selling, leasing and owning automobiles. Services available free to our users include new and used car searches; pricing, specification, insurance, general financing, and other research information; and new car quote referral services provided through third parties.


The Yahoo! Shopping platform provides, free of charge to users, search functionality and comparison-shopping tools making it easy for consumers to find, research, compare and conveniently buy almost anything online including consumer electronics, apparel, books and flowers. Yahoo! Shopping combines comprehensive product search functionality with a full suite of comparison shopping, merchant rating and product review tools. Yahoo! Shopping connects buyers and sellers, and is a starting point for online commerce.

Yahoo! Auctions creates a marketplace for buyers and both individual and corporate sellers who wish to purchase or sell goods in an auction-style setting. Yahoo! Auctions connects buyers and sellers, generating revenue through listing fees and revenue share of the final selling value from sellers, and is available free of charge to buyers.


Yahoo! Travel provides research and booking functionality for consumers to find, compare and conveniently buy leisure travel products such as flights, hotel rooms, vacation packages and cruises. Yahoo! Travel generates revenue through transactions fees and advertising from travel suppliers and advertisers.


Our Yahoo! HotJobs ("HotJobs") property is a leader in the online recruiting industry, providing comprehensive solutions for employers, staffing firms and job seekers. HotJobs' tools and advice put job seekers in control of their career search and make it easier and more cost-effective for recruiters and employers to find qualified candidates compared to offline alternatives. We provide services for job seekers, which include the ability to create a resume and to search and apply for jobs, as well as access to newsletters, online forums and salary research, free of charge. We generate revenues from employers and staffing firms that access our database of job seekers and use our tools to post, track and manage job openings. In addition to our popular consumer job board, HotJobs provides employers and staffing agencies with a variety of recruiting solutions, including hiring management software.

Small Business

Yahoo! Small Business provides a comprehensive suite of fee-based services that enable a company to develop an online presence (through Yahoo! Domains, Yahoo! Business Mail and Yahoo! Web Hosting), sell their products online (through Yahoo! Merchant Solutions) and market online by integrating offerings such as Yahoo! Shopping, pay-for-performance search and Yahoo! Yellow Pages.

Information and Content

Our Information and Content properties deliver information and entertainment to consumers. We offer basic content that is available without charge to our users, and also provide some of our content on a fee or subscription basis. Our properties provide information and content including the following:

• Media – including Yahoo! Sports, LAUNCH, Music on Yahoo! and Yahoo! Games;

• Finance – Yahoo! Finance;

• Entertainment – including Yahoo! Movies and Yahoo! TV;

• Information – including Yahoo! News, Yahooligans!, Yahoo! Health; and

• Network Services – including Yahoo! Front Page, My Yahoo!, and Yahoo! Companion.


Yahoo! Sports provides up-to-the-minute news, real-time statistics and scoring, broadcast programming, localized and global coverage, integrated shopping and auctions opportunities, and an on-line sports community. Yahoo! Sports has content or marketing relationships with professional sports organizations including the National Basketball Association and the Major League Baseball Players Association, among others, as well as sports media outlets such as Sports Illustrated Interactive. Yahoo! Sports also offers fee-based fantasy games' sports statistic trackers and leagues and audio feeds.

LAUNCH, Music on Yahoo! is a comprehensive online music destination. LAUNCH provides music fans with access to a wide selection of streaming audio, music videos, artist interviews, music news, album reviews and artist biographies. In 2003, LAUNCH introduced a variety of fee-based music services such as concert ticket offerings and premium radio.

Yahoo! Games offers free, Java-based classic board, card and word games along with downloadable games, game strategy guides, shopping guides, gaming news and reviews on computer and console videogames. Yahoo! Games also offers a variety of fee-based premium downloads and subscriptions.


Yahoo! Finance provides a comprehensive set of financial resources from investment and company information to personalized financial management tools. Yahoo! Finance offers Money Manager, a free set of financial tools that provides an integrated view of an individual's financial life. In addition, Yahoo! Finance offers fee-based products, including a real-time stock quotes package, research reports and services to allow users to pay their bills online.


Yahoo! Movies offers a daily mix of exclusive movie-related content, movie news and special features, including box office results, trailers, and photo galleries, as well as links to the movie-related content across the Yahoo! network. Yahoo! Movies features paid-for film promotions for major movie studios, including Disney, Sony, Warner Bros., Universal and Fox. Yahoo! TV connects users to personalized television listings and other television-related content.


Yahoo! News aggregates news stories from news providers, bringing together content from media companies such as Associated Press, Reuters, AFP, The Washington Post, USA Today, Tribune Interactive, National Public Radio, US News & World Report, and more. Through Yahoo! News, users receive up-to-the-minute news coverage with text, photos, audio and video, from multiple sources and points of view.

Yahooligans! is an entertaining and educational Web guide targeted for children ages seven to twelve. Yahooligans! provides games, instant messaging, reference materials and movie information, among others.

Yahoo! Health is a comprehensive starting point for users to find healthcare information. Yahoo! Health provides information and links to sites on diseases, conditions and medications, as well as listings for various health information centers, clinical trial information and online community tools.

Network Services

The Yahoo! Front Page (www.yahoo.com) serves as a free navigation hub and entry point into the Yahoo! network. Among many available features on the page are the ability to perform a Web search, read the latest news, link to Yahoo! sites, and view promotions from Yahoo!'s key advertising partners.

My Yahoo! is our free, personalized Web information service that allows registered members to create a personal profile which organizes and delivers information of personal interest to the user via a user-customized interface. The My Yahoo! platform allows us to deliver targeted product, advertising and transaction-based services on behalf of our advertisers and partners.

Yahoo! Companion is a free browser add-on that enables users to conveniently access our properties and services from anywhere on the Web.

Communications and Consumer Services

Our Communications and Consumer Services group provides a wide range of communication and content services to consumers and small businesses. The offerings are distributed both on the Yahoo! network and through our access alliances, including those with SBC Communications Inc. ("SBC") and British Telecommunications plc. ("BT"). These offerings incorporate a suite of integrated Yahoo! tools and services including safety and security features, communications tools, compelling content, and a customized Internet browser – all in an individualized environment.

• Premium Internet Packages – including SBC Yahoo! DSL, BT Yahoo! Broadband and Yahoo! Plus;

• Communications – including Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Messenger, Yahoo! Photos, and Communities;

• Personals – Yahoo! Personals; and

• Mobile – Yahoo! Mobile.

Premium Internet Packages

During 2002, we launched a strategic alliance with SBC to offer a co-branded Internet service to DSL (broadband) customers in SBC's 13-state region and to dial-up subscribers nationwide. The services offer consumers integrated access and premium services on a subscription basis, and include a suite of Yahoo! and SBC customized products and services. During 2003, we launched a similar alliance with BT offering co-branded DSL, dial, and email services in the United Kingdom. In December of 2003, Yahoo! also introduced Yahoo! Plus, a comprehensive premium Internet package for users with broadband Internet access. In early 2004, Yahoo! announced an alliance with Rogers Cable Inc., which will provide broadband Internet access bundled with Yahoo! products and services in Canada.


Yahoo! Mail is a free service that provides users with a full-featured email experience including industry-leading Spam control, robust address book functionality and integration with Yahoo! Calendar. In addition to our basic email service, we offer premium Mail products that include extra email storage, mail forwarding and the ability to use Yahoo! Mail with other client applications. Yahoo! Mail Plus, a premium mail product, offers a combination of these features plus enhanced junk mail control, increased virus protection and personalized stationery.

Yahoo! Messenger provides a platform for instantaneous communications for personal and business users. Users can interact with friends and family on a real-time basis while customizing the experience via features such as IMVironments™ – which allows users to change the messaging window background, animated emoticons, video Web cams and integrated mobile messaging.

For a fee, Yahoo!'s Enterprise Edition Messenger extends the benefits of this instant communication to the workplace by adding an enhanced level of security and centralized administrative control. This service was formerly part of our Enterprise Solutions business along with Yahoo! Portal Solutions and Broadcast Solutions, which provided communications solutions to help businesses more easily aggregate and distribute business critical information and interact with their target audience.

During 2003 we reduced our Yahoo! Portal Solutions and Broadcast Solutions efforts and reorganized Enterprise Edition Messenger into the Communications and Consumer Services group.

Yahoo! Photos makes it easy for a user to upload and store pictures, as well as share them with friends and family for free. For example, Yahoo! users can now view their pictures with a friend instantly using a specially designed Yahoo! Photos IMVironment. Users can also order prints with the click of a mouse as a premium service.

Our online Communities help users build and manage relationships and includes properties such as Yahoo! Groups, Chat, Member Directory, and Message Boards. Yahoo! Groups gives users a convenient way to connect with others who share the same interests and ideas through a Website and email group.


Yahoo! Personals allows users to post a profile and search for others with whom to communicate for free. Users can also send short one-time messages to others in the community to communicate their interest without charge. With a subscription, Yahoo! Personals' users can email and use Yahoo! Messenger to communicate with others in the community. Our Personals service includes online dating industry-leading features such as voice and video clips, and a special recommendations engine called "Likely Likables," which uses advanced search technology to bring similar people together in the community.


Through paid arrangements with leading wireless carriers around the world, Yahoo! Mobile makes a range of Yahoo! products and services available through wireless phones and PDA's. Customers can access a variety of Yahoo! services for free, including email, instant messaging, and a wide range of information offerings on their mobile phones via wireless-specific browsers. Yahoo! also allows consumers to receive mobile alerts on a wide variety of interests from sports scores to breaking news to weather. In 2003, Yahoo! launched a number of innovative mobile features including PC-to-SMS (Short Message Service) messaging and Yahoo! Mobile Photos.

Affiliate Services

We offer pay-for-performance advertising, paid inclusion and algorithmic search services. These services connect advertisers and potential buyers through our network and our affiliates' Websites, networks of Web properties that have integrated Overture's search service into their Web pages. These services include:

• Pay-For-Performance – including Precision Match and Content Match;

• Paid Inclusion and;

• Algorithmic Search.


Precision Match or keyword search prioritizes search results by the amount the advertiser has bid for placement. Advertisers are listed in the search results on our network and also on our affiliates' networks in descending order of their bid, with the highest bidder appearing as the first search listing in the search results. Bids may be expressed either as the amount the advertiser pays each time there is a click on the advertiser's search listing or as the maximum amount the advertiser is willing to pay for a click on the advertiser's search listing.

Advertisers pay only when a click-through occurs on the advertiser's search listing. Advertisers may see the bids of other advertisers on their keywords, enabling the advertiser to determine his or her own bid necessary to achieve a desired ranking, which instills competition among advertisers and promotes greater relevance for consumers. Most advertisers utilize self-service tools to open and manage accounts online including tracking, bid management and measurement features.

Content Match allows businesses to place listings on more locations on the Web and drive more traffic to their sites. Content Match displays listings when Internet users are viewing related content on the Yahoo! network or our affiliates' pages. For example, if the user is reading an article about interest rates, he or she could find links on the side of the page for mortgage-related advertisers. Similarly, users who are researching vacation plans may see listings for hotels and rental car agencies.

Paid Inclusion

Paid Inclusion guarantees that our customers' Websites are included and frequently updated in the index that is crawled by the search engine. Customers may pay fees based on sales leads or click-throughs powered by our search services. Customers may also pay a fixed fee that provides inclusion in the Web search index and an automatic 48-hour refresh of the submitted content. Through our paid inclusion programs, customers submit information often not normally available by traditional Web crawling techniques and this information is included in our Web search index.

Algorithmic Search

Our Algorithmic Search services provide search results to some of our affiliates, who in turn incorporate these results into their online offerings to end users. Our search engine uses proprietary technology to crawl the Web, index and serve Web results on text-based queries. Customers pay per-query search fees based on query volume.


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