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United Technologies Corp  (UTX)
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United Technologies Corp Segments

   21.72 % of total Revenue
Pratt & Whitney
   23.08 % of total Revenue
Hamilton Sundstrand
   24.67 % of total Revenue
UTC Climate Controls & Security
   30.54 % of total Revenue

Business Segments (Sep. 30, 2015)
(in millions $)
III. Quarter
(of total Revenues)
(Sep. 30, 2015)
(in millions $)
III. Quarter
(Profit Margin)
3,043.00 21.72 % 642.00 21.1 %
Pratt & Whitney
3,234.00 23.08 % 419.00 12.96 %
Hamilton Sundstrand
3,457.00 24.67 % 572.00 16.55 %
UTC Climate Controls & Security
4,279.00 30.54 % 771.00 18.02 %
14,013.00 100 % 2,404.00 17.16 %

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Growth rates by Segment (Sep. 30, 2015)
Y/Y Revenue
III. Quarter
Q/Q Revenue
(Sep. 30, 2015)
Y/Y Income
III. Quarter
Q/Q Income
-8.51 % -1.78 % -10.58 % 2.39 %
Pratt & Whitney
-9.26 % -12.05 % -24.91 % -13.96 %
Hamilton Sundstrand
-2.21 % -4.82 % -4.83 % -1.38 %
UTC Climate Controls & Security
-1.65 % -3.93 % -2.53 % -6.32 %
-14.53 % -15.34 % -14.75 % -10.37 %

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  United Technologies's

Business Segments Description


Otis is the world’s largest elevator and escalator manufacturing, installation and service company. Otis designs, manufactures, sells and installs a wide range of passenger and freight elevators, including hydraulic and traction elevators for low- and medium-speed applications and gearless elevators for high-speed passenger operations in high-rise buildings. Otis also produces a broad line of escalators and, for horizontal transportation, moving walkways and shuttles. In addition to new equipment, Otis provides modernization products and services to upgrade elevators and escalators as well as maintenance services for a substantial portion of the products that it sells, as well as those of other manufacturers. Otis serves an international customer base, principally in the commercial and residential property industries.


Carrier is the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of commercial and residential HVAC and refrigeration systems and equipment. Carrier also provides aftermarket service and components for its products and those of other manufacturers in both the HVAC and refrigeration industries. The products manufactured by Carrier include chillers and air handling equipment; commercial unitary systems; residential split systems; residential furnaces; duct-free split systems and window air conditioners; transport refrigeration, including container, truck/trailer and bus refrigeration; commercial refrigeration, including display cases, bottle coolers and heat transfer and compressor systems; and food service equipment. Carrier’s products and services are sold under Carrier and other brand names to building contractors and building owners, homeowners, shipping and trucking companies, supermarkets and food service companies. Sales are made both directly to the customer and through manufacturers’ representatives, distributors, dealers, individual wholesalers and retail outlets.

Carrier has grown significantly in recent years as a result of acquisitions. Major acquisitions have included the August 1999 acquisition of International Comfort Products Corporation, a North American residential and light commercial HVAC equipment company; the February 2000 acquisition of the Electrolux Group’s commercial refrigeration business in Europe; and the November 2000 acquisition of Specialty Equipment Companies, a manufacturer of commercial refrigeration and food service equipment in the United States and Europe. Carrier participates in a joint venture with Toshiba Corporation in Japan. Carrier and the joint venture company, Toshiba Carrier Corporation, also participate in HVAC joint ventures in the U.K. and Thailand.

UTC Fire & Security

UTC Fire & Security (UTC F&S) is a global provider of security and fire safety products and services. We created the UTC F&S segment in the second quarter of 2005 upon acquiring Kidde plc. Kidde is a global provider of fire safety products and services to commercial, industrial, aerospace and retail customers in 29 countries. The UTC F&S segment includes our former Chubb segment and Kidde’s industrial, residential and commercial fire safety businesses. In the electronic security industry, UTC F&S provides system integration, installation and service of intruder alarms, access control systems and video surveillance systems. In the fire safety industry, UTC F&S designs, integrates, installs and services fire detection and fixed suppression systems and manufactures, sells and services portable fire extinguishers and other fire fighting equipment. UTC F&S also provides monitoring, response and security personnel services, including cash-in-transit security. Its products and services are used by governments, architects, building owners and developers, security and fire consultants and other end-users requiring a high level of security and fire protection for their businesses and residences. Kidde’s U.S. presence will complement the largely European and Australian revenue base of the existing Chubb operations.

Pratt & Whitney

Pratt & Whitney is among the world’s leading suppliers of commercial, general aviation and military aircraft engines. Pratt & Whitney provides spare parts and aftermarket and fleet management services for the engines it produces, along with power generation and space propulsion systems. Pratt & Whitney products are sold principally to aircraft manufacturers, airlines and other aircraft operators, aircraft leasing companies and the U.S. and foreign governments. Pratt & Whitney sales in the U.S. and Canada are made directly to the customer and, to a limited extent, through independent distributors. Other export sales are made with the assistance of independent sales representatives. Sales to The Boeing Company (“Boeing”) and Airbus Industrie (“Airbus”) were 12 and 10 percent, respectively, of total Pratt & Whitney revenues in 2003, before taking into account discounts or financial incentives offered to customers.

Pratt & Whitney currently produces two families of large commercial jet engines: the PW4000 engine series (powering the Airbus A310-300, A300-600 and A330-200/300 series of aircraft; the Boeing 747-400, 767-200/300 and 777-200/300 series of aircraft; and the out-of-production Boeing MD-11 aircraft) and the PW2000 engine series (powering the Boeing 757-200/PF/300 aircraft). Also, Pratt & Whitney has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Airbus to develop, market and sell PW6000 series engines for installation on Airbus A318 aircraft, scheduled to enter service during 2005.

In view of the risk and cost associated with developing new engines, Pratt & Whitney has entered into certain collaboration arrangements in which costs, revenues and risks are shared. At December 31, 2003, the interests of other participants in Pratt & Whitney’s current commercial jet engine production programs ranged from 14 to 29 percent. Pratt & Whitney also has a 33 percent interest in the International Aero Engines collaboration that sells and supports V2500 engines. Applications for the V2500 engine include Airbus’ A319, A320 and A321 aircraft and Boeing’s out-of-production MD-90. Pratt & Whitney has a 50 percent interest in an alliance with GE Aircraft Engines to develop, market and manufacture the GP7000 engine. At December 31, 2003, other participants held interests totaling 40 percent in Pratt & Whitney’s share of this program. The alliance anticipates the first full engine test in February 2004. The new engine will power the Airbus A380 aircraft, with first aircraft deliveries scheduled for 2006.

Pratt & Whitney currently produces three military aircraft engines: the F119 (powering the two-engine F/A-22 fighter aircraft), the F100 (powering two-engine F-15 and single-engine F-16 fighter aircraft) and the F117 (powering four-engine C-17 transport aircraft). The F119 and F117 are currently the only sources of propulsion for the F/A-22 fighter aircraft and C-17 transport aircraft, respectively. Pratt & Whitney is under contract with the U.S. Air Force (“USAF”) to complete flight-testing and initial production of F119 engines through 2004. The F119 has been approved for operational use by the USAF. All of Pratt & Whitney’s F100 sales contracts are with the USAF or with foreign governments. All of Pratt & Whitney’s F117 sales contracts are with either the USAF or Boeing. Pratt & Whitney is also under contract with the USAF to develop the F135 engine, a derivative of Pratt & Whitney’s F119 engine, to power the single-engine F-35 Joint Strike Fighter aircraft being developed by Lockheed Martin. Management cannot predict with certainty whether, when, and in what quantities Pratt & Whitney will produce F135 engines.

Pratt & Whitney Canada (“P&WC”) is a world leader in aviation engines powering business, regional, utility and military aircraft and helicopters. P&WC also designs and manufactures engines for auxiliary power units and industrial applications. Its operations and service network span the globe.

Pratt & Whitney Space Propulsion (“SP”) produces hydrogen-fueled rocket engines for commercial and U.S. Government space applications, advanced turbo pumps for NASA’s Space Shuttle program and solid fuel propulsion systems for civil and military applications. SP also has a 50 percent interest in a joint venture with NPO Energomash that provides kerosene-fueled RD-180 rocket engines for satellite launch applications.

Pratt & Whitney Power Systems (“PWPS”) supplies industrial power generation and mechanical drive equipment in the one megawatt to 50 megawatts range. PWPS also provides gas turbines for marine propulsion applications.

Hamilton Sundstrand

Hamilton Sundstrand is among the world’s leading suppliers of technologically advanced aerospace and industrial products and aftermarket services for diversified industries worldwide.

Hamilton Sundstrand’s principal aerospace products include systems for power generation, management and distribution, and for flight, engine, fuel and environmental controls, auxiliary power units and propeller systems. Hamilton Sundstrand is also the prime contractor for NASA’s space suit/life support system and produces environmental control, life support, mechanical systems and thermal control systems for international space programs.

Hamilton Sundstrand’s aerospace businesses serve commercial, military, regional, business and general aviation, as well as space and undersea applications. Aftermarket services include spare parts, overhaul and repair, engineering and technical support and fleet maintenance programs. Hamilton Sundstrand sells aerospace products to airframe manufacturers, the U.S. Government, aircraft operators and independent distributors. Hamilton Sundstrand is engaged in development programs for the Boeing 787 aircraft, as well as for the Airbus A-380 commercial aircraft and the A400M military aircraft. Hamilton Sundstrand sales of aerospace products to Boeing, Pratt & Whitney and Airbus, collectively, including sales where the U.S. Government .

Hamilton Sundstrand’s principal industrial products include air compressors, metering devices, fluid handling equipment and gear drives. Those products serve industries involved with raw material processing, bulk material handling, construction, mining, hydrocarbon and chemical processing, and water and wastewater treatment. These products are sold directly to end-users, through manufacturer representatives and distributors and through engineering contractors. Demand for Hamilton Sundstrand’s industrial products is tied closely to the level of general economic activity.


Sikorsky is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of military and commercial helicopters and is the primary supplier of utility helicopters to the U.S. Army and Navy. Sikorsky also supplies helicopters to foreign governments and the worldwide commercial market.

Current production programs at Sikorsky include the Black Hawk medium-transport helicopter for the U.S. and foreign governments, the MH-60S and MH-60R helicopters for the U.S. Navy, the International Naval Hawk for multiple naval missions, and the S-76® and the S-92™ helicopters for commercial operations. In September 2004, Sikorsky acquired Schweizer Aircraft, which specializes in the light helicopter, reconnaissance aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) markets.

Deliveries of the S-92 helicopters for the commercial market began in 2004. Variants of the S-92 for military markets are currently in development. In November 2004, Sikorsky signed contracts with the Canadian government to supply Canada’s maritime fleet with 28 new H-92™ helicopters and support services for 20 years.

Sikorsky’s aftermarket business includes spare parts sales, overhaul and repair services, maintenance contracts, and logistics support programs for helicopters and other aircraft. Sales are made directly through Sikorsky and through Sikorsky’s wholly owned subsidiaries. Sikorsky is increasingly engaging in logistics support programs and partnering with its governmental and commercial customers to manage and provide maintenance and repair services as a result of the current trend in the aftermarket business of providing total support programs.

Pratt & Whitney and Flight Systems Aerospace and Defense Products

The Corporation’s aerospace and defense businesses are subject to substantial competition from domestic manufacturers, foreign manufacturers (whose governments sometimes provide research and development assistance, marketing subsidies and other assistance for their commercial products) and companies that obtain regulatory agency approval to manufacture spare parts. In particular, Pratt & Whitney experiences intense competition for new commercial airframe/engine combinations. Engine suppliers may offer substantial discounts and other financial incentives, performance and operating cost guarantees, participation in financing arrangements and maintenance agreements. Customer selections of engines and components can also have a significant impact on later sales of parts and services. Pratt & Whitney’s major competitors in the sale of engines are General Electric Company (“GE”) and Rolls Royce plc.


UTC Power develops and markets distributed power generation systems, including fuel cells and microturbines, for use in commercial transportation and light industrial businesses, institutions and office buildings. In 2003, UTC Power began to integrate, sell and service microturbine-based combined heat and power (CHP) solutions for commercial buildings, including its Pure ComfortTM 240 product. The company is also developing the PureCycleTM product line, which utilizes an organic rankine cycle to convert waste heat into energy. Microturbines and organic rankine cycle devices are in an early stage of development and manufacturing. Continued technology advancement and cost reduction are required for wide-scale market acceptance.

Cells is the sole supplier of fuel cells for U.S. space missions and also offers a commercially available fuel cell power plant, known as the PureCellTM 200 (formerly known as the PC25TM). More than 260 PureCellTM 200 units have been delivered around the world. Fuel cell power plants using proton exchange membrane technology (“PEM”) are currently in development for transportation and stationary applications. UTC Fuel Cells is working with automakers and bus manufacturers, as well as the U.S. Government, on development and demonstration programs for vehicles. In December 2002, UTC Fuel Cells signed an agreement to license its PEM technology on a non-exclusive basis to Nissan Motor Company Ltd. (“Nissan”) and to engage in joint development of this technology for automotive applications. In October 2003, Nissan unveiled its second generation zero-emission fuel cell vehicle powered by a UTC Fuel Cells power plant. In June 2003, UTC Fuel Cells announced an agreement with Hyundai Motor Co. (“Hyundai”), a partner with UTC Fuel Cells since 2000, to jointly develop a new automotive fuel cell power plant capable of operating in freezing conditions.


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