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Business Segments III. Quarter
(in millions $)
(Mar 31 2020)
(of total Revenues)
III. Quarter
(in millions $)
(Mar 31 2020)
(Profit Margin)
4.89 100 % -34.88 -

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Growth rates by Segment III. Quarter
Y/Y Revenue
(Mar 31 2020)
Q/Q Revenue
III. Quarter
Y/Y Income
(Mar 31 2020)
Q/Q Income
-94.97 % -93.56 % - -

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Business Segments Description


Our ZAZOO business unit is managed from London, United Kingdom with business development support branches in South Africa, the United States and India. This business unit is responsible for the technical development and commercialization of our array of web and mobile applications and payment technologies.

ZAZOO offers an array of products and services that cater for the needs of the global market and comprises of the following key business lines:

MVC & Verification—Our internationally patented MVC technology is a market leading innovation which addresses the needs of the modern mobile payment market. It is the easiest, most secure and most convenient way to pay for goods and services online directly from a mobile phone. Our MVC technology provides a completely secure, off-line payment solution for card-not-present transactions, such as payments made for internet purchases. The MVC technology runs as an application on any mobile phone and utilizes our patented cryptographic card generator to secure any payment transaction. The advent of new technologies such as NFC or QR Codes also enables the utilization of our MVC technology for card present payments.

Third Party Payments—Through FIHRST we are the largest provider of third party and payroll associated payments in South Africa, servicing over 2,050 employee groups that represent approximately 650,000 employees. Our market leading position is due to our ability to move informed money (the movement of money and its corresponding data to third party organizations). This allows us to provide one of the most comprehensive suites of financial services, ranging from garnishee orders to payment modules and collections. We also offer the PayPlus service, providing employees with access to prepaid airtime, electricity and other value added services, or VAS.

Prepaid Vending —Our Prepaid Vending business line handles multichannel distribution of electronic products and services aimed at a variety of markets. Across Africa and abroad, our VTU solutions create a separate revenue stream for Mobile Network Operators, or MNOs, and other clients. The stability and scalability of our VTU offerings enables our customers to facilitate more than 100 million monthly transactions.

MNOs Solutions—We provide specialized solutions for MNOs that boost average revenue per user, increase subscriber activity, and collect valuable profiling data. Our solutions range from Advance Airtime and Mobile Wallet technology to SMS Mega Promotions, tailor-made for each MNO with a focus to maximize subscriber activity, brand perception and profitability.

Chip & SIM—Through our partnerships with MNOs as well as card and semiconductor manufacturers, we provide a strong lineup of feature rich chip and SIM solutions. All of these offerings include our wide range of GSM Masks and custom software that enables mobile telephony, transactions and on-chip VAS. We support the above chip and SIM developments with dedicated chip-card based commerce frameworks. These incorporate POS, terminal and interbank transaction switching and clearance aimed at national government, petroleum and retail industries.

Custom Development—The Custom Development business line produces solutions that span across Web, Mobile, Server, POS and Desktop environments. These solutions have been developed by addressing the needs of various industries and now form an integral pillar of our product and service portfolio. We develop both client-facing and background services, with coverage on every relevant platform including Mobile (Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 8 and J2ME) and Web (with full cross-browser compatibility).

Cryptography—Our Cryptography business line focuses on security-orientated products which include our range of PIN encryption devices, card acceptance modules and Hardware Security Modules. These focus on financial, retail, telecommunications, utilities and petroleum sectors. In order to constantly enhance and improve our product offerings, special attention is placed on the development of security initiatives including Triple Data Encryption Algorithm, also known as TDES, EMV and Payment Card Industry, or PCI. We are a member of the STS Association, actively participating in developing new and improved standards that address the needs of the modern cryptographic market.

This business unit has been allocated to our South African processing, International transaction processing, and Financial inclusion and applied technologies reporting segments.


Our KSNET business unit is based in Seoul, South Korea, and is a national payment solutions provider. KSNET has one of the broadest product offerings in the South Korean payment solutions market, a base of approximately 225,000 merchants and an extensive direct and indirect sales network. KSNET’s core operations comprise three project offerings, namely card VAN, payment gateway, or PG, and banking VAN. KSNET is able to realize significant synergies across these core operations because it is the only payment solutions provider that offers all three of these offerings in South Korea. Over 90% of KSNET’s revenue comes from the provision of payment processing services to merchants and card issuers through its card VAN.

KSNET’s core product offerings are described in more detail below:

Card VAN—KSNET’s card VAN offering manages credit and other non-cash alternative payment mechanisms for retail transaction processing for a wide range of merchants and every credit card issuer in South Korea. Non-cash alternative payment mechanisms for which KSNET provides processing services include all credit and debit cards and e-currency (K-cash and TMoney). KSNET also records cash transactions for the South Korean National Tax Service in the form of cash receipts.

PG—KSNET offers PG services to the rapidly growing number of merchants that are moving online in South Korea. PG provides these merchants with a host of alternative payment solutions including the ability to accept credit and debit cards, gift and other prepaid cards, and bank account transfers. PG also provides virtual account capabilities. PG offers us an attractive growth opportunity as e-commerce transactions represent a growing component of payments, driven by increased wire-line and wireless broadband penetration, merchants moving online, and the enhanced security of online transactions driving consumer acceptance. We believe that KSNET can become the leading provider in the PG industry by leveraging its existing merchant base and entering into new markets earlier than competitors.

Banking VAN—KSNET’s banking VAN operations currently include account transaction processing services, payment and collections to banks, corporate firms, governmental bodies, and educational institutions. We distinguish card VAN from banking VAN because in the South Korean VAN market, banking VAN is recognized as a distinct service from card VAN. We are the only card VAN provider that also provides banking VAN services. Because the banking VAN business industry is at a nascent stage, the market is relatively small.

This business unit has been allocated to our International transaction processing reporting segment.


Our Masterpayment business unit is based in Munich, Germany, and is a specialist payment services processor. Masterpayment provides payment and acquiring services for all major European debit and credit cards; and invoicing for online retail, digital goods and content. Masterpayment currently has a client portfolio of approximately 5,000 registered merchants.

In collaboration with Bank Frick & Co. AG, Bank Frick, a Liechtenstein-based bank, Masterpayment provides its e-commerce merchants with working capital optimization by providing a flexible form of financing, which employs a trading transaction instead of traditional bank credit. Masterpayment’s “Finetrading” product enables the seamless financing of a merchant’s inventory orders, resulting in accelerated payment settlement and the elimination of the requirement for a merchant to maintain rolling reserves or cash advances.

This business unit has been allocated to our International transaction processing reporting segment.


Our Transact24 business unit is based in Hong Kong, China, and is a payment services provider.

Transact24’s primary business activities include:

Chinese debit card acquiring—Transact24 has processing relationships with China UnionPay, Alipay and five other Chinese gateways;

Credit card acquiring—Transact24 has acquiring relationships with banks and processing institutions in the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia and Mauritius and has Payment Intermediary Services Licenses in Mauritius and an Electronic Money Institution License in the United Kingdom. Transact24 also offers a white-labeled credit card acquiring gateway to entities who wish to outsource the technical integration and operations of their acquiring gateways;

Automated clearing house, or ACH processing—Transact24 provides unsecured loan ACH processing for Tribal and State-licensed lenders in the U.S.; and

Prepaid card issuing and processing—Transact24 issues U.S. dollar-denominated Visa prepaid cards, South African Rand-denominated MasterCard prepaid cards and Hong Kong dollar-denominated China UnionPay prepaid cards

This business unit has been allocated to our International transaction processing reporting segment.

Cash Paymaster Services (“CPS”)

Our CPS business unit is based in Johannesburg, South Africa, and deploys our UEPS/EMV–Social Grant Distribution technology to distribute social welfare grants on a monthly basis to over nine million recipient cardholders in South Africa. These social welfare grants are distributed on behalf of the South African Social Security Agency, or SASSA. During our 2016, 2015 and 2014 fiscal years, we derived approximately 21%, 24%, and 27% of our revenues respectively, from CPS’ social welfare grant distribution business.

CPS provides a secure and affordable transacting channel between social welfare grant recipient cardholders, beneficiaries, SASSA and formal businesses. CPS enrolls social welfare grant recipient cardholders and, as appropriate, the respective beneficiaries by issuing the recipient cardholder with a UEPS/EMV smart card that digitally stores their biometric fingerprint templates on the card, enabling them to access their social welfare grants securely at any time or place and providing them with a fully-fledged bank account.

The smart card is issued to the recipient cardholder on site and utilizes optical fingerprint sensor technology to identify and verify a recipient cardholder. The recipient cardholder simply inserts a smart card into the POS device and is prompted to present his fingerprint. If the fingerprint matches the one stored on the smart card, the smart card is loaded with the value created for that particular smart card.

The smart card provides the holder with access to all of the UEPS functionality, which includes the ability to have the smart card funded with pension or welfare payments, make retail purchases, enjoy the convenience of prepaid facilities and qualify for a range of affordable financial services, including insurance and short-term loans as well as standard EMV transactional capabilities to operate wherever MasterCard is accepted. The smart card also offers the card holder the ability to make debit order payments to a variety of third parties, including utility companies, schools and retail merchants, with which the holder maintains an account. The card holder can also use the same smart card as a savings account.

Our UEPS/EMV–Social Grant Distribution technology provides numerous benefits to government agencies, recipient cardholders and beneficiaries. The system offers government a reliable service at a reasonable price. For recipient cardholders and, as appropriate, the beneficiaries, our smart card offers financial inclusion, convenience, security, affordability, flexibility and accessibility. They can avoid long waiting lines at payment locations and do not have to get to payment locations on scheduled payment dates to receive cash. They do not lose money if they lose their smart cards, since a lost smart card is replaceable and the biometric fingerprint or voice identification technology helps prevent fraud. Their personal security risks are reduced since they do not have to safeguard their cash. Recipient cardholders have access to affordable financial services, can save money on their smart cards and can perform money transfers to friends and relatives living in other provinces. Finally, recipient cardholders pay no transaction fees when they use our infrastructure to load their smart cards, perform balance inquiries, purchase goods or effect monthly debit orders. For us, the system allows us to reduce our operating costs by reducing the amount of cash we have to transport.

This business unit has been allocated to our South African transaction processing and Financial inclusion and applied technologies reporting segments.


Our EasyPay business unit operates the largest bank-independent financial switch in South Africa and is based in Cape Town, South Africa. EasyPay focuses on the provision of high-volume, secure and convenient payment, prepayment and value-added services to the South African market. EasyPay’s infrastructure connects into all major South African banks and switches both debit and credit card EFT transactions for some of South Africa’s leading retailers and petroleum companies. It is a South African Reserve Bank, or SARB, approved third-party payment processor. In addition to its core transaction processing and switching operations, EasyPay provides a complete end-to-end reconciliation and settlement service to its customers. This service includes dynamic reconciliation as well as easy-to-use report and screen-query tools for down-to-store-level, management and control purposes.

The EasyPay suite of services includes:

EFT—EasyPay switches credit, debit and fleet card transactions for leading South African retailers and petroleum companies.

EasyPay bill payment—EasyPay offers consumers a point-of-sale bill payment service which is integrated into a large number of national retailers, the internet, self service kiosks and mobile handsets. EasyPay processes monthly account payment transactions for a number of bill issuers including major local authorities, telephone companies, utilities, medical service providers, traffic departments, mail order companies, banks and insurance companies.

EasyPay prepaid electricity—EasyPay enables local utility companies such as Eskom Holdings Limited and a growing number of local authorities on a national basis to sell prepaid electricity to their customers.

Prepaid airtime—EasyPay vends airtime at retail POS terminals for all the South African mobile telephone network operators.

Electronic gift voucher—EasyPay supports the electronic generation, issuance and redemption of paper or card-based gift vouchers.

EasyPay licenses—EasyPay enables the issuance of new South African Broadcasting Corporation, or SABC, television licenses and the capturing of existing license details within retail environments via a web-based user interface.

Third party switching and processing support—EasyPay switches transactions from retail POS systems to the relevant back-end systems.

Hosting services—EasyPay’s infrastructure supports the hosting of payment or back-up servers and applications on behalf of third parties, including utility companies.

EasyPay Kiosk—We have developed a biometrically enabled self service kiosk that allows our customers to access all the value-added services provided by EasyPay and to create and load their EasyPay virtual wallets with value.

EasyPay Web and Mobile—This service enables EasyPay customers to access all the value-added services provided by EasyPay, such as bill payments and the purchase of prepaid airtime and utilities through a secure website that may be accessed through personal computers or through mobile handsets.

EasyPay provides 24x7 monitoring and support services, reconciliation, automated clearing bureau settlement, reporting, full disaster recovery and redundancy services.

This business unit has been allocated to our South African transaction processing reporting segment.

Financial Services

We have developed a suite of financial services that is offered to customers utilizing our payment solutions. We are able to provide our UEPS/EMV cardholders with competitive transacting accounts, microfinance, life insurance and money transfer products based on our understanding of their risk profiles, demographics and lifestyle requirements. Our financial services offerings are designed on the principles of simplicity and cost-efficiency as they bring financial inclusion to our millions of cardholders who were previously unable to access any formal financial services. Our latest product, EasyPay Everywhere, provides our target market with an affordable all-inclusive transactional bank account with unfettered access to financial services such as microloans, life insurance, remittances, value added services such as prepaid utilities and bill payments through their mobile phones and our national network of ATMs and POS devices.

Our largest financial services offering is the provision of short-term microloans to our South African UEPS/EMV cardholders, where we provide the loans using our surplus cash reserves and earn revenue from the service fees charged on these loans. We believe our loans are the most affordable form of credit available to our target market as, unlike our competitors, we do not charge interest or initiation fees on our loans. Our Smart Life business unit owns a life insurance license and offers our customer base affordable insurance products applicable to this market segment, focusing on group life and funeral insurance policies.

This business unit has been allocated to our Financial inclusion and applied technologies reporting segment.

Applied Technology

Our Applied Technology business unit is managed from Johannesburg, South Africa, and is responsible for the deployment of our South African ATM and POS network and the sale of biometric and POS solutions to various South African banks, retailers and financial services providers.

Our ATM network is fully EMV-compliant and integrated into the South African national payment system. We deploy our ATMs in areas where our UEPS/EMV cardholders have limited access to the national payment system, or where the cost of accessing the national payment system through other service providers is prohibitive for our cardholders.

This business unit has been allocated to our South African transaction processing and Financial inclusion and applied technologies reporting segments.


Our XeoHealth business unit operates in the U.S. from Frederick, Maryland, and offers our XeoRules real time adjudication, or RTS, solutions for the end-to-end electronic processing of medical claims information in the United States. XeoHealth has won a number of projects in the United States either as the primary contractor for the provision of our RTS solution to customers, or as a sub-contractor to parties contracted to provide an adjudication solution.

This business unit has been allocated to our International transaction processing reporting segment.


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