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Business Segments II. Quarter
(in millions $)
(Jun 24 2016)
(of total Revenues)
II. Quarter
(in millions $)
(Jun 24 2016)
(Profit Margin)
2,664.00 100 % 151.00 5.67 %

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Growth rates by Segment II. Quarter
Y/Y Revenue
(Jun 24 2016)
Q/Q Revenue
II. Quarter
Y/Y Income
(Jun 24 2016)
Q/Q Income
-1.81 % 13.22 % 38.53 % -34.35 %

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  L3 Technologies's

Business Segments Description

Command, Control, Communications, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C 3ISR) Reportable Segment

The businesses in this reportable segment provide products and services for the global ISR market, specializing in signals intelligence (SIGINT) and communications intelligence (COMINT) systems. These products and services provide to the warfighter in real-time the unique ability to collect and analyze unknown electronic signals from command centers, communication nodes and air defense systems for real-time situation awareness and response. The businesses in this reportable segment also provide C3 systems and secure, high data rate communications systems and equipment for military and other U.S. Government and foreign government intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance applications. We believe that our products and services are critical elements for a substantial number of major communication, command and control, intelligence gathering and space systems. Our products and services are used to connect a variety of airborne, space, ground and sea-based communication systems and are used in the transmission, processing, recording, monitoring and dissemination functions of these communication systems. Additionally, the businesses in the C3ISR reportable segment also provide intelligence, logistics and other support services to the DoD and U.S. Government intelligence agencies. Major products and services for this reportable segment include:

• highly specialized fleet management sustainment and support, including procurement, systems integration, sensor development, modifications and periodic depot maintenance for signals intelligence and ISR special mission aircraft and airborne surveillance systems;

• strategic and tactical signals intelligence systems that detect, collect, identify, analyze and disseminate information;

• secure data links that enable networked communications for airborne, satellite, ground and sea-based remote platforms, both manned and unmanned, for real-time information collection and dissemination to users;

• secure terminal and communication network equipment and encryption management;

• communication systems for surface and undersea vessels and manned space flights;

• intelligence solutions support to the DoD, including the U.S. Armed Services combatant commands and the U.S. Government intelligence agencies, including those within the U.S. Armed Services; and

• technical and management services, which provides support of intelligence, logistics, C3 and combatant commands.


Selected Applications

Selected Platforms/End Users

ISR Systems

•Prime mission systems integration, sensor development and operations and support

•Signal processing, airborne SIGINT applications, antenna technology, real-time process control and software development

•U.S. Air Force (USAF) and allied foreign militaries ISR aircraft platforms

•Fleet management of special mission aircraft, including avionics and mission system upgrades and logistics support

•Measurement collection and signal intelligence, special missions

•DoD and special customers within the U.S. Government

Networked Communications

•Airborne, space and surface data link terminals, ground stations, and transportable tactical SATCOM (satellite communications) systems

•High performance, wideband secure communication links for relaying of intelligence and reconnaissance information

•Manned aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), naval ships, ground vehicles and satellites

•Multi-band Manpack Receivers

•Portable, ruggedized terminals used for receiving reconnaissance video and sensor data from multiple airborne platforms

•U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), USAF and other DoD customers

•Satellite command and control sustainment and support

•Software integration, test and maintenance support, satellite control network and engineering support for satellite launch systems

•USAF Space Command (AFSC), USAF Satellite Control Network and launch ranges


Selected Applications

Selected Platforms/End Users

C3ISR Support Services

•Full spectrum systems acquisition support and comprehensive operational support services

•Requirements definition, program management, planning and analysis, systems engineering and integration, intelligence analysis and managing and network engineering

•U.S. Army, USAF, U.S. Navy (USN) and DHS

•ISR operations and support

•Data link support and services, special applications, classified projects, spares and repairs

•USAF and U.S. Army ISR aircraft platforms 

•Information management and IT systems support and software design, development and systems integration

•Intelligence and operations support, C3ISR systems, network centric operations and information operations

•DoD and U.S. Government intelligence agencies

Communications Products

•Secure communication terminals and equipment, and secure network encryption products

•Secure and non-secure voice, data and video communication for office, battlefield and secure internet protocol (IP) network applications

•DoD and U.S. Government intelligence agencies

•Ground-based satellite communication terminals and payloads

•Interoperable, transportable ground terminals

•DoD and U.S. Government intelligence agencies

•Satellite communication and tracking systems

•On-board satellite external communications, video systems, solid state recorders and ground support equipment

•International Space Station, Space Shuttle and various satellites

•Shipboard communications systems

•Internal and external communications (radio rooms)

•USN, U.S. Coast Guard and allied foreign navies

Government Services Reportable Segment

The businesses in this reportable segment provide a full range of communications systems support, engineering services, information technology services, teaching and training services, marksmanship training systems and services, and intelligence support and analysis services. We sell these services primarily to the DoD, U.S. Government intelligence agencies and allied foreign governments. Major services for this reportable segment include:

• communication software support, information technology services and a wide range of engineering development services and integration support;

• high-end engineering and information systems support services used for command, control, communications and ISR architectures, as well as for air warfare modeling and simulation tools for applications used by the DoD, DHS and U.S. Government intelligence agencies, including missile and space systems, UAVs and manned military aircraft;

• developing and managing extensive programs in the United States and foreign countries that focus on teaching, training and education, logistics, strategic planning, organizational design, democracy transition and leadership development;

• human intelligence support and other services, including linguist services and related management to support contingency operations and current intelligence-gathering requirements;

• aviation and maritime services in support of maritime and expeditionary warfare; and

• conventional high-end enterprise information technology (IT) support, systems and other services to U.S. federal agencies and the DoD.


Selected Applications

Selected Platforms/End Users

Training and Operations

•Training systems, courseware and doctrine development

•Training, leadership development and education services for U.S. and allied foreign armed forces, counterintelligence and law enforcement personnel

•U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps (USMC), U.S. Department of State, U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) and allied foreign governments

•Crisis Incident Management System

•Emergency operations support associated with natural disasters, industrial accidents and acts of terrorism

•Federal, state and local government agencies for homeland defense

•Weapons Training

•Laser marksmanship training systems and advanced integrated technologies for security products and services

•DoD and law enforcement agencies

Government Services

•Surveillance systems and products, including installation and logistics support

•Automated security systems for bases and force protection, and remote surveillance for U.S. borders


•Communication systems and software engineering services

•Value-added, critical software support for C3ISR systems, electronic warfare and fire support systems

•U.S. Army Communications – Electronics Command (CECOM)

•Acquisition management and staff augmentation

•Rapid fielding support for combatants and physical location management

•U.S. Army


Selected Applications

Selected Platforms/End Users

•Battlefield and weapon simulation

•Missile system modeling and simulation and design and manufacture custom ballistic missile targets

•U.S. Missile Defense Agency (MDA)

•System support and concept operations (CONOPS)

•C3ISR, modeling and simulation

•DoD, MDA, U.S. Government intelligence agencies, NASA

•Information technology (IT) services

•IT infrastructure modernization and operations

•U.S. Government intelligence agencies

•Worldwide linguist and analyst services

•Counterintelligence, threat protection and counter terrorism

•U.S. Army

•Systems engineering, operations analysis, research and technical analysis

•Systems engineering and operational analysis of most aircraft and vessels in the USN fleet, C4 systems acquisitions, logistics and administrative support, as well as systems life cycle support


•Network and enterprise administration and management

•Systems engineering, assurance and risk management, network and systems administration, management, software development and life cycle support and systems integration

•U.S. Army, U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, USAF, USSOCOM and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

Aircraft Modernization and Maintenance (AM&M) Reportable Segment

The businesses in this reportable segment provide specialized aircraft modernization and upgrades, maintenance and logistics support services. We sell these services primarily to the DoD and the Canadian Department of National Defense (DND). Major products and services for this reportable segment include:

• engineering, modification, maintenance, logistics and upgrades for aircraft, vehicles and personnel equipment;

• turnkey aviation life cycle management services that integrate custom developed and commercial off-the-shelf products for various military fixed and rotary wing aircraft, including heavy maintenance and structural modifications and interior modifications and constructions; and

• aerospace and other technical services related to large fleet support, such as aircraft and vehicle modernization, maintenance, repair and overhaul, logistics, support and supply chain management, primarily for military training, tactical, cargo and utility aircraft, anti-missile defense systems and tanks.


Selected Applications

Selected Platforms/End Users

Aircraft Modernization

•Modernization and life extension maintenance upgrades and support

•Aircraft structural modifications and inspections, installation of mission equipment, navigation and avionics products

•USSOCOM, USN, USAF, Canadian DND, various military, fixed and rotary wing aircraft and Head of State (HOS) aircraft

Operations & Maintenance Services

•Logistics support, maintenance and refurbishment

•Aircraft maintenance repair and overhaul, flight operations support for training, cargo and special mission aircraft

•U.S. Army, USAF, USN, USSOCOM, Canadian DND and other allied foreign militaries

•Contract Field Teams (CFT)

•Deployment of highly mobile, quick response field teams to customer locations to supplement the customer’s resources for various ground vehicles and aircraft

•U.S. Army, USAF, USN and USMC

•Contractor operated and managed base supply (COMBS)

•Inventory management activities relating to flight support and maintenance, including procurement and field distribution

•Military training and cargo aircraft

Specialized Products Reportable Segment

The businesses in this reportable segment provide a broad range of products, including components, subsystems and systems, to military and commercial customers in several diverse niche markets. Major products for this reportable segment include:

• naval warfare products, including acoustic undersea warfare products for mine hunting, dipping and anti-submarine sonars and naval power distribution, conditioning, switching and protection equipment for surface and undersea platforms;

• naval ship modernization, modification, repair and overhaul;

• security systems for aviation and port applications, including those for detection of explosives, concealed weapons, contraband and illegal narcotics, and to inspect agricultural products and to examine cargo;

• telemetry, instrumentation, space and navigation products, including products for tracking and flight termination;

• premium fuzing products and safety and arming devices for missiles and munitions;

• imaging products including precision stabilized electro-optic/infrared (EO/IR) sensors for ISR systems, including high magnification lowlight, daylight and forward looking infrared sensors, laser range finders, illuminators and designators, and digital and wireless communication systems;

• information products and microwave components used in radar communication satellites, wireless communication equipment, electronic surveillance, communication and electronic warfare applications and countermeasure systems;

• high performance antennas and ground based radomes;

• training devices and motion simulators, which produce advanced virtual reality simulation and high-fidelity representations of cockpits and mission stations for fixed and rotary wing aircraft and land vehicles;

• advanced cockpit avionics products and specialized avionics repair and overhaul for various segments of the aviation market;

• airborne traffic and collision avoidance systems (TCAS) and terrain awareness warning systems (TAWS) for commercial and military applications;

• commercial, solid-state, crash-protected cockpit voice recorders, flight data recorders and cruise ship hardened voyage recorders; and

• ruggedized custom cockpit displays for military and high-end commercial applications.


Selected Applications

Selected Platforms/End Users

Naval Products

•Airborne dipping sonars, submarine and surface ship towed arrays

•Submarine and surface ship detection and localization

•USN and allied foreign navies

•Naval power delivery, conversion and switching products

•Switching, distribution and protection, as well as frequency and voltage conversion

•Naval submarines, surface ships and aircraft carriers

•Shipboard electronics racks, rugged computers, rugged displays and communication terminals

•Ruggedized displays, computers and electronic systems

•Naval vessels and other DoD applications


•Explosives detection systems and airport security systems

•Rapid scanning of passenger checked baggage and carry-on luggage, scanning of large cargo containers

•DHS, including the U.S. Transportation and Security Administration (TSA), and domestic and foreign airports, state and local governments

Training Devices and Motion Simulators

•Military aircraft flight simulators, reconfigurable training devices, distributed mission training (DMT) suites

•Advance simulation technologies and training for pilots, navigators, flight engineers, gunners and operators

•Fixed and rotary winged aircraft and ground vehicles for USAF, USN, U.S. Army, Canadian DND and allied foreign militaries


Selected Applications

Selected Platforms/End Users

Navigation & Sensors

•Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers

•Location tracking

•Guided projectiles and precision munitions

•Navigation systems and positioning navigation units

•Satellite launch and orbiting navigation and navigation for ground vehicles and fire control systems

•USAF, U.S. Army, USMC and NASA

•Ultra-wide frequency and advanced radar antennas and radomes

•Surveillance and radar detection

•Military fixed and rotary winged aircraft, SATCOM

•Targeted stabilized camera systems with integrated sensors and wireless communication systems

•Intelligence Data Collection, Surveillance and Reconnaissance

•DoD, intelligence and security agencies, law enforcement, manned and unmanned platforms

•Telemetry and instrumentation systems

•Real-time data acquisition, measurement, processing, simulation, distribution, display and storage for flight testing

•Aircraft, missiles and satellites

•Airborne and ground based high energy laser beam directors and high tracking rate telescopes

•Directed energy systems, space surveillance, satellite laser ranging and laser communications


Aviation Products

•Solid state crash protected cockpit voice and flight data recorders

•Aircraft voice and flight data recorders that continuously record voice and sounds from cockpit and aircraft intercommunications

•Commercial transport, business, regional and military aircraft


•Reduce the potential for midair aircraft collisions and crashes into terrain by providing visual and audible warnings and maneuvering instructions to pilots

•Commercial transport, business, regional and military aircraft

•Advanced cockpit avionics

•Pilot safety, navigation and situation awareness products

•Commercial transport, business, regional and military aircraft


Selected Applications

Selected Platforms/End Users

•Cockpit and mission displays

•High performance, ruggedized flat panel and cathode ray tube displays and processors

•Various military aircraft

Premium Fuzing Products

•Fuzing Products

•Munitions and electronic and electromechanical safety arming devices (ESADs)

•Various DoD and allied foreign military customers

Microwave Components

•Passive components, switches and wireless assemblies

•Radio transmission, switching and conditioning, antenna and base station testing and monitoring

•DoD, wireless communications service providers and original equipment manufacturers

•Satellite and wireless components (channel amplifiers, transceivers, converts, filters and multiplexers)

•Satellite transponder control, channel and frequency separation

•SATCOM and wireless communications equipment

•Traveling wave tubes, power modules, klystrons and digital broadcast

•Microwave vacuum electron devices and power modules

•DoD and allied foreign military manned/unmanned platforms, various missile programs and commercial broadcast


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