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Membership Collective Group Inc 's Comment on Competitors and Industry Peers

Our first-mover advantage has created a major barrier to entry, and we think we are the only firm to have pioneered and built a private membership club platform with worldwide reach.

Though we face direct competition from other private members’ clubs that exist in proximity to our own Houses (as well as in numerous segments of the restaurant, hotel, co-working spaces, fitness and beauty care services and products industries), we believe that we do not have a direct competitor given the combination of different sectors in which we operate, combined with our geographical reach. Some membership clubs use a similar model, but we do not believe that they have been able to replicate our reach across the multiple cities, continents, and spaces in which we operate. In our view, there is a high barrier to entry, as to catch up with the size of our platform would take significant time and investment.

We feel that each of these industries is very competitive. Name recognition, demographic considerations, the efficacy of public relations and brand awareness, level of service, ease of location, property quality, price, product or service, and the breadth and quality of services and amenities supplied are all important competitive aspects.
On a local level, we compete against other restaurants, boutique hotels, coworking spaces, beauty care providers, and shops, as well as globally against some bigger chains with assets in the markets where we operate.