Utilities Sector  

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  Marketcap Revenues (TTM) Net Income (TTM) Employees
Industry (Millions) (Millions) (Millions) Number
Electric Utilities Industry - $ 700,577 $ 58,633 548,519
Natural Gas Utilities Industry $ 823,867 $ 783,346 $ 80,405 158,897
Water Supply Industry $ 44,239 $ 25,844 $ 2,745 12,199
Utilities Sector - $ 1,509,767 $ 141,783 719,615
Earnings Earnings Earnings
Earnings Outlook increase
Looking into earnings estimates within the Utilities Sector in the current quarter, 36.84 % of companies, who provide earning guidance within Utilities Sector have increased their earnings outlook for the current fiscal year. But this falls short, as more corporations cut their earnings estimates.
Earnings Guidance unchanged
In the same quarter 42.11 % of companies, who provided earning outlook within Utilities Sector, have reiterated their earnings per share outlook for the current fiscal year unchanged.
Earnings Estimates decrease
Although most of the businesses were comfortable with their earnings outlook, some pessimism appeared within Utilities Sector, where 21.05 % cut their earnings outlook. Note, those numbers effect only corporations, who provide earnings estimates.

Expected Eps Growth Eps Expectation Revision
n   %     Sector Expected EPS Growth
Total Ranking #
n   %   Sector Earnings Outlook Revision
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Revenue Revenue Revenue
Sales Forecast increase